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Workshop announcement: Sufism – The Queer Way

14 December 2021, 7-8PM BST

Join us for this reflective workshop with riham sheble and explore the relation between the Divine and the Self. Please email us at to receive a Zoom invitation.

Sufism is generally defined as the mystical approach to the Divine. Although reductive, this definition captures the unorthodoxy that makes Sufism befitting of queering because it has been questioning norms of worship, defying the literalism of scriptures, expanding the ways in which an individual could reach the Divine primarily through knowing the self, bending boundaries and shifting conceptions. If this isn’t what queerism has been doing, then what is?

Like whirling dervishes, we’ll circle around aspects of Sufism that illustrate the above.

riham sheble is a queer(ing) Afro-Arab freelance researcher, translator and editor. She has been a political and women’s rights activist and a human rights defender in her home country, Egypt. She is currently an MA candidate at the Department of Film and Television Studies at the University of Warwick.

*Please note this workshop is open to all who identify as an LGBTQIA+ BIPOC
This event forms part of our Mental Health and Communal Care Project. We offer our sincerest thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund and the Evelyn Trust for granting us the funds to make this project possible. We would also like to thank Encompass Network for facilitating and providing ongoing administrative support.

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