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News Stories

Medieval Diseases Are Infecting California’s Homeless (The Atlantic)

Eradicating poverty would dramatically reduce TB cases, study finds (The Guardian)

Tuberculosis infects Cambridgeshire factory workers (BBC)

Tuberculosis rate among Inuit is 290 times higher than for non-Indigenous people in Canada. Here’s why (CBC)

The Tuberculosis That Afflicts Much Of The World Was Likely Spread By Europeans (NPR)

Articles & Long Reads

The Roots of An Epidemic – Four part series discussing the colonial origins and current challenges underlying the TB epidemic

Where Health Care Won’t Go – A tuberculosis crisis in the Black Belt (Harper’s Magazine) – Long read documenting a TB outbreak in an African American community in Alabama.

LaToya Ruby Frazier’s Notion of Family (New York Times) – Covers LaToya Ruby Frazier’s photo essay on the rise and fall of the steel industry in her hometown of Braddock, Pa, and the effects the pollution generated by the plant had on her family’s health.

Journal Articles (for nerds only)

Wallace and Wallace, ‘Origins of Public Health Collapse in New York City’. – Describes the effects that “planned shrinkage” had on the disintegration of neighbourhoods in New York City and its role in accelerating the disease epidemics of the 80s and 90s.

Books & Citations

Contagious Communities: Medicine, Migration, and the NHS in Post War Britain – Edited by Roberta Bivins – Highly recommended, excellent essays on the idea of TB as a disease of civilisation, and how migrants and minorities were treated/observed during the postwar period. Available at the UL.

Tuberculosis Then and Now: Perspectives on the History of an Infectious Disease – Edited by Flurin Condrau and Michael Worboys – Also excellent. I’ve got a copy you could borrow if you ask nicely.