In Queer Asia, are you…?

Elmira and Yu-Chen created a video for the 2019 Queer Asia's Summer Programme. Their theme questions what it means to be inhabitants of "Queer Asia", and what it takes to even be able to discuss it.


Gardenias, una victoria trans más allá del fútbol. Gardenias, a trans victory beyond football.

For English scroll down! En memoria de Barbara , directora técnica y fundadora del equipo Gardenias. El 4 de Octubre se acerca, el equipo de fútbol Gardenias está listo para otro partido histórico en el Maracaná. Este equipo y este juego, representan la resistencia y las victorias de las personas transgénero, transexuales, travesti y gay …

hello from queer stories, hello to queer futures

by Yu-Chen Lai Yu-Chen shares the works he created with friends during queer qandī fest, including a creative narrative piece and a hand-drawn postcard. *** Hello friends. September has been full of birthdays for my close ones, and in this month of joy and celebration I also turned 24. While reflecting on what feels different …